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10 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Bridal Accessories

Your dress might be the only new thing you wear on your wedding day!
Your dress might be the only new thing you wear on your wedding day!
Sri Maiava Rusden/Getty Images

A bride's wedding dress is the most common something-new item. This may seem like a boring choice, but it's traditionally been that way for a reason. Unless you're wearing your mother's dress or another family member's gown, your dress is likely to be the one new thing that you do wear!

Your dress allows you to make a statement and showcase your own personality. Some brides even buy two dresses: one for the ceremony and one for the reception.

So, if you happen to be wearing your mother's wedding dress for your ceremony, get one that represents your style for your reception! Just make sure that you're comfortable in the dress that you choose -- you want to feel as great as you look.

Even if the dress is new, you can opt for a vintage style. Some silhouettes, fabrics and lace details convey a classic aesthetic that will be complemented by any heirloom accessories you'll be wearing. Your grandmother's rose gold cameo will look lovely with an ivory lace gown, and even your mom's beloved strand of artificial pearls that have yellowed with age will work with the dress.

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