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Stored deep in the crevices of my closet you'll find them. In a variety of colors, sizes, and hideous designs, they do nothing but gather dust. All those intolerable bridesmaid dresses that are no longer of any use to you except as a source of humor to friends that can't believe you actually strutted down the church runway in pink satin. So what do you do with them? How do you put those dresses back into use?

1. Donate your dresses to a good cause. Why not donate your old dress to someone who could put it to good use? Donatemydress.org is the first national network to bring together local dress drive organizations across the United States to help you find one in your area so that once you're done with a dress, you can pass it on to someone that could really use it.

2. Turn your old dresses into pillow covers. Accent pillows can get pretty pricey. Use the fabric from an old bridesmaid dress and turn it into an accent pillow cover. Just buy the pillow inserts at a crafts store and with four easy runs of the sewing machine you have some new pillows.

3. Turn your dress into a table runner. Add some color to your table by using the fabric from an old dress.

4. Bridesmaid dresses seem to always come with sashes. What a fabulous coincidence because head sashes are all the rage this year!