The best option? Try it on. The second best? Visualize yourself in the dress and order it in your exact measurements.

Image courtesy DCL

The Size Tag Is Just a Number

Even after the consultants have found a style that looks great on everyone in the bridal party, there's still one hoop to jump through: overcoming fear of the size tag. "We rarely hear, 'I don't care what size the dress is -- it's just a number,' " Krystle says.

Krystle and Courtney prepare bridesmaids with a spiel about sizing. "Otherwise, they might freak out about the size tag," Courtney says. The consultants explain that bridesmaids will have to order up a few sizes based on the pattern of the dress.

Plus-size bridesmaids might be frustrated when they go shopping with the bride. At most bridal stores, the selections available are standard samples from the designers. "At Bridals by Lori, we don't get to choose what sizes we want," Krystle explains. "Typically, the dresses sent over are sizes 8 to 12 -- that's standard. We have to buy plus-size samples out of pocket."

The consultants advise plus-size bridesmaids to be prepared for a small selection of dresses. It's possible that you'll have to be measured and order the dress without trying it on at all. "We try to be really sensitive about it," Courtney says. It's not ideal to pay for a dress without seeing it on, but sometimes, it's the only choice.