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10 Colors Your Bridesmaids Don't Want to Wear

Peach on a pale-skinned friend is like a disappearing act.
Peach on a pale-skinned friend is like a disappearing act.

Peach is a lovely shade. Unfortunately for us fair-skinned ladies, it makes us look like we're going totally buff when we wear it. Unless you want your guests to be checking out the nearly nude tableau at the front of the sanctuary, you should choose a more vibrant color that's not going to completely wash out complexions.

Annemarie from Tennessee recalls a peach gown and matching hat combo that caused significant friction between the bride and her attendants. In particular, the maid of honor/sister of the bride opposed the ensemble and actually changed clothes between the wedding and reception.

"The bride would not let her walk in with the wedding party and did not talk to her for a month or so after the wedding," laments Annemarie, who was caught in the middle of the fracas.

Perhaps the maid of honor should have borne her dismay in silence, but the bride could have avoided this conflict altogether if she'd simply let her sis weigh in on the gown choice.

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