Creative and Cost-saving Wedding Invitations
box of stationery and a fountain pen

Traditional wedding invitations can cost almost as much as a honeymoon. And it's no fun stuffing envelopes.


Traditional wedding invitations feature hand-engraving and fine calligraphy to create a rich, elegant look. All that elegance doesn't come cheap, however. Professionally printed invitations can cost thousands of dollars, and they're simply too expensive for many cash-strapped couples. Fortunately, you can create your own invitations at home for just a fraction of the cost and put your savings toward some of your other big wedding bills, like your designer dress or fabulous honeymoon.

While not every couple wants to use traditional wedding invitations, those who do can create them at home for less. Couples looking for something a little different will find limitless options that allow their personalities to shine through. Whatever type of invitation you choose, remember that it will help set the tone for your wedding.

Explore these 10 creative and affordable ideas to find the perfect DIY-design for your big day.