How can you keep your guests happy at the reception without breaking the bank?


When it comes to coordinating a wedding, stocking the bar may be one of the more puzzling aspects. How much booze should you buy? Is it OK to serve only beer and wine? It's a time-honored tradition to celebrate your wedding day with spirits, and if money is no object, open the bar, hire a couple of bartenders and party into the night.

What's that? You're on a budget? Well, don't worry. With a little planning and creativity, your guests will never know.

While the thought may be tempting, it's bad manners to have a cash bar. You don't invite people to a party and expect them to pay for their refreshments. If beer and wine are all you can afford, then make them the only options. No one will think the less of you for that, but your guests probably won't enjoy themselves if you try to charge for a drink.