Go Photo Loco
wedding photographer

There's a chance your extended family and friends won't ever see those wedding photos.

George Doyle/Thinkstock

Women, in particular, tend to fuss and complain when a camera is pointed our way, but our best grins always come out in time for the flash to pop. Traditionally, most wedding photographers roam the reception snapping candids to commemorate the event. Unfortunately for your guests, they rarely get to see the finished product.

Photography-related activities and favors are a huge trend on the wedding scene right now. Some innovative couples arrange for photos to be snapped of each party as they arrive and use portable photo printers to produce a special souvenir before the final dance. Not only are the guests sure to cherish this memory frozen in time, but you'll also have a photographic log of the many beloved people who attended your nuptials.

Another huge contemporary trend in reception entertainment is rental photo booths. Provide silly props like feather boas, hats or sunglasses, and watch the guests stage an informal battle over the best strip of photos.