Play Around

Keep the kiddies occupied during your reception with a professional magician, balloon artist, clown or face-painter. The distraction will give parents a chance to enjoy adult conversation while their children are safely entertained within eyeshot.

Just try to find someone who doesn't enjoy a rousing game of Pac-Man. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Now that we've established that everyone loves the classics, consider inspiring the inner child in your guests with a few strategically placed arcade, board or card games. If you have access to a lawn, you can even set up some easy outdoor games, like a bean bag toss, bocce ball or marbles for the kids. These childhood throwbacks will certainly fill the lag time between courses and other reception-related events. You probably should forego the messy options, like finger painting, lest you end up with tiny red fingerprints all over your pristine bridal gown.