Wedding Planning Tips for the Summer Bride
Couple getting married

A lot of couples tie the knot in the summer. How can you make sure your wedding is an affair to remember?

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What's more romantic than a summertime wedding? You and your beloved exchange vows while the sun's rays shine gently on your back, the warm breeze blows your hair (but not too much) and the lush trees whisper their congratulations. The biting swarms of insects buzz their approval, too, while the sweat merrily glides down your gorgeous gown, and the sun stamps a bright-red sunburn on your smooth shoulders.

OK, so the season may be as troublesome as it is beautiful. So what? With a little planning, some attention to detail and a willingness to take advantage of summer's bounty, your nuptials can be an absolute dream -- the kind you don't want to wake up from.

From the guests to the food to the dress, these five tips will help you to conquer summer and focus on building wedding memories that will last you a lifetime.