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10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding

Consider the Time
Even the most energetic child needs a little nap.
Even the most energetic child needs a little nap.
Greg Ceo/Getty Images

Even the sweetest kid can morph from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde as bedtime approaches!

If you want to have young children at your wedding, it's best to hold the event well before bedtime. But if only nighttime nuptials will do, appease parents of infants and older nappers by offering up a quiet room at the ceremony or reception site where kids can retreat for their regular siesta.

The event coordinators at these venues can arrange for the use of an extra room ahead of time, and you can stock it with a couple of playpens borrowed from the on-site nursery or from friends and family. Sometimes, a short snooze is all it takes to re-energize a baby or toddler and turn him into the life of the party.

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