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10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding

Go the Destination Route
What kid doesn't love a day (or wedding) at the beach?
What kid doesn't love a day (or wedding) at the beach?
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Face it: Most kids anticipate a wedding with all the excitement of a doctor's appointment, thanks to the uncomfortable clothes, cramped accommodations at Aunt Mildred's and long church ceremony they have to endure.

Weddings held at a more exciting location are another story altogether. Tykes attending a beach wedding might enjoy sitting at their mothers' feet during the ceremony and playing with a small toy truck in the sand. And the beach is just one destination venue! Many fun-loving couples are selecting less traditional locales, such as the San Diego Zoo or Disney theme parks for their event. Few parents with the financial means to attend would balk at the opportunity to turn a wedding excursion into an all-out vacation.

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