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10 Things Your Wedding Planner Doesn't Want You to Know

Scams Happen
The delivery of a wedding album is worth a thousand words.
The delivery of a wedding album is worth a thousand words.

The photographer won you over with his albums of glowing brides and his descriptive vision for your nuptial photographs. He wowed your guests and family with his professional demeanor and personal attention on the big day. But once the check was cut and placed in his hot little hand, he took off, never to be (voluntarily) found again.

Stories like this one are growing more and more common, and they're not just limited to photographers. You probably know at least one former bride who can tell horror stories of vendors gone bad, from the florist who charged for roses and delivered pansies to bakers who showed up with frozen cakes.

Your planner can do her best to refer reputable vendors and background-check them as necessary, but she can't shield you from all the scammers of the world. So don't allow yourself to be taken for a ride. Both planners and brides should keep their eyes wide open for warning signs of a scam in the works.

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