What's the cost for your services?
bridal bouquet and cake topper with cash

There's really no way around it: You're going to pay a lot for your dream wedding.


Peace of mind on your wedding day? That's priceless. While you may not be able to put a price tag on that feeling, it will cost you. That cost is the amount your wedding planner charges for his or her services.

Ask how the planner calculates service costs. For some, it's a simple flat fee or hourly rate, while for others, it's calculated as a percentage of your total wedding costs. Inquire about a deposit and when that, as well as balances and final payment are due. Most importantly, get a list of all included services in writing so there's no confusion or disagreement after the contract is signed. Request that the contract include a list of any potential extra charges, along with an explanation of each. Finally, ask your wedding planner how he or she handles refunds if your wedding has to be postponed or canceled. Some planners will return a portion of your deposit if this type of situation occurs, while others have a strict no-refund policy.