infrared photo of wedding party in black and white

Black and white infrared photos seem more vibrant and electric.

Photo courtesy David McGregor

Your wedding day can truly slip away in a flash, so you'll want the perfect collection of wedding photos to reflect on it. Today's brides are constantly looking for new, creative ways to express their individual styles in their photos.

Black and white, color and even sepia photos are considered the norm for wedding photography. Although it's been around for decades, infrared photography is becoming increasingly popular with modern brides as an alternative, ultra-chic style for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Never seen any examples of infrared photography? It's got a romantic, fantasy feel to it. Grass seems to be lightly dusted with a bright coat of snow, and leaves on trees give off a sparkling, white glow. Get ready for your science lesson on the next page. (It won't be too long or boring, we promise!)