Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder sang "Isn't She Lovely" about his own daughter.

Ian Gavin/Getty Images

In this '70s pop favorite, Stevie Wonder sings straight from the heart about his joy and love for his new daughter. The words are simple and secular; universal lyrics like "isn't she lovely?" will apply to every bride on the day when she's most beautiful. Its upbeat tempo allows you to have some fun with your dance steps, but the song isn't so fast-paced that it will challenge those with only basic dancing skills. Your guests are likely to recognize the song, and even those who don't know it will stay engaged throughout the dance listening to the fun, classic melody. No matter how close you and your father are, this song is a solid choice that will allow you to share a smile with Dad on your big day.