Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Florist
florist in a flower shop

You want more than an expert florist for your wedding -- you want an absolute pro who can help you realize your vision for the perfect floral décor!


Nothing about planning a wedding is easy, but some parts are harder than others. For instance, choosing a cake gives only minimal trouble (hint: pick the delicious one), as does finding a partner (hint: use whatever criteria you used for cake). But while two- thirds of the job seems done, there is one all-important stumbling block: flowers. How on Earth to choose? It's intimidating -- designing and organizing floral arrangements on the scale that weddings require is simply not in the average person's skill set. When confronted with the prospect, most of us look at our feet and mumble, "Well, I've heard good things about orchids."

Fortunately, we are not alone. The gentle florist is here to hold our hands and guide us through. Coming up are five tips for choosing the florist who will get you what you need when you need it, florally speaking.