Eco-friendly Floral Arrangements
bride smelling her bouquet of roses

The eco-conscious bride insists on a beautiful bouquet that's not laden with pesticides.

Comstock Images/Thinkstock

Floral arrangements are a key component of any wedding. Bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres are lovely to behold, and they also perfume the air with their scent and help unify the wedding's theme and color scheme. By their very nature, flowers seem to be 100 percent "green," or eco-friendly. But not all flowers are equally Earth-friendly in the ways they're grown, harvested and distributed.

A few factors that make flowers eco-friendly is if they're watered efficiently and aren't treated with pesticides. Eco-friendly brides must also consider how far the arrangements will have to travel, as well as the packaging and materials that might be required for the arrangements. In this age of heightened environmental consciousness, many brides are turning to florists that offer eco-friendly flowers or taking on the task themselves. Here are 10 inspirations for creative, lovely and eco-friendly floral arrangements.