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5 Tips to Get a Princess-worthy Reception on a Budget

Let Them Entertain You
Find some jesters to keep you and the groom entertained.
Find some jesters to keep you and the groom entertained.
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Talented entertainers worthy of the court might be living among you. Many university schools of music have madrigal or Renaissance choirs. Some colleges host juggling clubs. Your state's arts council might have an online database of these and other hard-to-find performers.

Need a wandering troubadour? Check folk art guilds and the area chapter of the American Federation of Musicians for lute or dulcimer players.

Consider other cultural traditions, too. Hula dancers are traditional at Hawaiian celebrations; belly dancers in the Middle East. Dance schools and cultural associations might point you to troupes in your area.

One Japanese wedding reception tradition is quaint, heart-warming, possibly humorous, affordable on any budget, and yet priceless: The guests stand and congratulate the newlyweds in either speech or song.

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