Reasons Not to Be Jealous of Princess Brides
princess bride

A girl might pine for a princess wedding, but sooner or later, the veil needs to be lifted.

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Royal weddings appeal to the masses in a major way. After all, about 2,500 people gathered at St. Paul's Cathedral to watch Lady Di tie the knot with Prince Charles. Heaps more (some 2 million) watched along the processional route -- but that's nothing compared to the whopping 750 million people who tuned in to see the ceremony on television!

But glam and glitz aside, royal weddings aren't necessarily all they're cracked up to be in the eyes of an enamored public.

If you have a bride-to-be friend who can't help but be jealous of the latest royal couple's designer clothes, fabulous banquets and other wedded luxuries, go ahead and sit her down to discuss some of these less-than-savory subtleties about regal nuptials. It may help her put matters into perspective.