Summer Wedding Trends for Modern Brides

Classic wedding trends -- think flower girls with white roses and satin chair wraps -- are classic for a reason. But what if you want to customize your big day?

Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you've been to a wedding recently, you know white roses, petal-dropping flower girls and bride-and-groom-topped cakes are no longer required. Not that traditional weddings will ever go out of style -- you really can't go wrong with a petal-strewn, white satin aisle -- but lots of modern brides (and grooms) are choosing something a bit more customized and out-of-the-ordinary for their special days.

In a time when so many people see "different" as "good," practically anything goes in today's weddings, and each year and season brings a new trend, sometimes downright out there, other times simply beautiful, unique and current. Here, 10 trends that can bring some noteworthy and stylish flair to a summer wedding, beginning with a stunning new approach to the bride's bouquet.