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Could anything ever go wrong here? In case of emergency back home, leave your resort's number with a friend or family member.

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What to Leave Behind

You have a lot to bring, but what you leave behind can be just as important. Be sure to leave the following with a close family member of friend:

  • a rough itinerary (if you have one)
  • the phone number and address of your hotel and the dates you'll be staying there
  • copies of your passport and driver's license
  • credit card numbers
  • copies of your traveler's check receipts
  • sealed copies of your life-insurance information and will
  • any other pertinent financial information

This is a tried-and-true list of honeymoon must-haves, and if you use it, we guarantee you'll have everything you need for your once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

Have fun, be careful, and if you forget something, let it slide -- this vacation is about enjoying the start of your new lives together, not mourning the cocktail dress that got left behind (but seriously, try not to forget that one!).