couple holding hands with stack of moving boxes in background

Did you spend your honeymoon canoodling or moving into a new house?


You can go anywhere on your honeymoon. Lush, tropical isles. Unspoiled wildlife refuges. European villas. Even a faraway metropolis the two of you have always wanted to visit.

All these romantic destinations sound great, but a growing number of newlyweds are vowing to head home instead of jetting off to an exotic locale. You only get one opportunity for a honeymoon, so why ditch it? Well, there are multiple reasons, and not all of them have to do with money (though most do).

There are modern couples who see a honeymoon as a needless expense. We're not suggesting that everyone forego the trip of a lifetime, but for some, it makes sense. Many couples believe the money can be put to better use, and still others (believe it or not) would just rather stay home.