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Maid of Honor Guide

How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

She's the one taking your teary phone calls and straightening your train during the ceremony. And planning your bachelorette party and entertaining your grandma at showers. What Superwoman do you choose for the role of maid of honor? See more »

Can you turn down the position of maid of honor?

It's a privilege to be someone's maid of honor, right? But what if you barely know the bride -- or don't really like her? What excuses will get you out of being the bride's right-hand woman, and when do you just have to accept the position? See more »

How to Deal with a Disappointing Maid of Honor

You asked her to be your maid of honor because she's your best friend -- but you also assumed she'd do a good job. When passive-aggressive e-mails and snide remarks about the shower aren't working, here's how to cope with a dud MOH. See more »

Perks and Pitfalls of Choosing a Long-distance Maid of Honor

You wouldn't dream of asking anyone else to be your maid of honor, but you (secretly) wish that she didn't live three time zones away. Can you work the bride/maid of honor relationship if your best girl is a phone call and a flight away? See more »

You know you're in the presence of a bridezilla when...

Unlike the boogeyman, the bridezilla is a very real -- and very terrifying -- creature, posing a threat to bridesmaids and grooms alike. How can you tell if you're in the presence of a bridezilla? See more »

10 Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor

Your maid of honor does everything from helping address invitations to holding your bouquet while you exchange rings and vows. She's also spending some serious money to serve as your honor attendant, so acknowledge her accordingly. See more »

Wedding Registry Guide

You probably have more stuff than you think you do, so it pays to do some work in advance to figure out exactly what to ask for. Get tips for putting together your registry. See more »

All About the Dress

Scrimp and save to afford it. Watch your diet to fit it. Daydream about it. Why? Because when wedding day arrives, it's all about the dress. See more »

Save-the-Date Cards: Optional or Necessary?

For every two couples that send save-the-dates, there are two more who skip them. When the budget is tight already, do you really need to send an extra piece of paper that has to be addressed and stamped? We demystify the ultra-modern save-the-date card. See more »

Wedding Registry Basics

You may think wedding registries are old-fashioned or even tacky. But take it from us: Your friends and family want to give you wedding gifts, and you're going to be much happier if those presents are items that you need and want. See more »

How to Choose the Best Wedding Reception Site for Your Personality

Your love is anything but ordinary, so why would you celebrate your union in a dingy hotel reception hall? Let your tastes and interests shine through in a unique venue that will delight your guests! See more »

Wedding Announcements 101

Thanks to Facebook, you can change your relationship status and instantly notify the world that you're getting married. So why would you want to print an announcement in the newspaper? See more »