Things Your Groom Will Love (Or At Least Not Hate) About Wedding Planning
groom brandishing bottle of champagne

He pulled off that elaborate proposal. He can handle choosing the band.

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Many grooms-to-be think their work is done as soon as they slide the engagement ring on their fiancée's finger. Let's face it, most guys simply aren't interested in many aspects of wedding planning, and those who are find themselves out-voted by brides on everything from the centerpieces to the color scheme.

But these days, as wedding plans get more complex (and costly), the grooms' help is desperately needed. Of course, even the most dedicated fiancé is likely to have trouble choosing between ivory and cream-colored linens! To keep your guy engaged in the planning, focus on things he's good at, and rely on your bridesmaids to help you with the girly stuff.

If you're having trouble getting your groom to pitch in with the planning, consider these 10 things most men won't mind taking charge of.