wedding rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner sets the tone for the wedding weekend, but it doesn't have to be the same kind of event as your wedding.


Traditionally, the groom's family is responsible for planning and funding the rehearsal dinner, and the mother of the groom is usually the one leading the way. While some brides might not see the rehearsal dinner as a necessary part of the wedding festivities, it's a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and close friends before the ceremony.

However special this intimate dinner may be, planning it takes a lot of work and can sometimes be overwhelming. If you've been eagerly waiting to contribute to the wedding, this is your chance. While you don't want to see this special time as a daunting task, you'll be juggling budgets, relationships, and food and d├ęcor preferences to make it a perfect night for the bride and groom. Keep reading for our quick and painless guide to planning the rehearsal dinner!