The Wine Country Bachelorette Party
The Maid of Honor's Job Never Ends

Just like the bridal shower and many other big wedding jobs, the responsibility for planning and hosting the bachelorette party typically falls to the maid of honor. She acts as the organizer for the event, making arrangements to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Let's face it -- the classic drunk and stupid bachelorette party simply won't work for every woman. If your favorite bride-to-be isn't the type to enjoy a night on the town, something slightly more sophisticated might be in order. Skip the loud bars and cheap liquor and head to a local vineyard for a stylish alternative to the traditional nightclub. Many vineyards will create a customized experience just for your party, including tours, demonstrations and, of course, wine tastings. Sample some unique blends along with basic cheese and finger foods, or choose a vineyard that provides a full lunch out on the grounds.

Let the bride decide whether to make this a formal affair, where each guest breaks out her favorite little black dress, or whether she'd prefer to keep it casual. Hire a limo or party bus so no one has to drive, or find a tour group that will transport you to several vineyards over the course of the day. Don't forget to pick up a few bottles of the best wines for the bride to share with her hubby-to-be!