Aboard the Starship Enterprise
"Star Trek" Star Fleet cast outfits on display

Have the wedding participants wear "Star Trek" costumes, like these Star Fleet uniforms on display that were used in the 2009 film.

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wacky, yes. But "Star Trek" weddings aren't all that unusual. Many die-hard Trekkies have been saying their vows in true "Star Trek" style for years. If you and your spouse-to-be share this special fan connection, don't be afraid to go for this outrageous, if not geeky, theme for your wedding.

If marriage is your final frontier, you might consider fashioning your "Star Trek" wedding ceremony after an actual scene from the show -- like the Klingon wedding, which also includes vows you can reuse. For a realistic venue, find a place that caters to :Star Trek" fans, like the Cruise Trek cruise ship, which has cruises all over the world -- including Alaskan, Mediterranean and Caribbean voyages. And, of course, when the best man toasts you at the reception, here's hoping he'll instruct you to "live long and prosper."

"Star Trek" has quite the fan base, but so does the character our next theme is based on.