Coral and Gray

The bright hues of coral really stand out against natural color shades.

Lisa Romerein/Botanica/Getty Images

Want a beachy wedding but blue isn't your thing? Try coral and gray. You'll bring the beauty of a tropical coral reef to your wedding. As we've mentioned, gray is one the hottest colors today, and one great color to pair with it is a bright shade like coral. These two colors work beautifully together -- coral brightens up the entire party, but the gray won't let you go overboard into a coral extravaganza.

Think about coral dresses with a gray sash, or have grey dresses with coral sashes and coral necklaces. If you're dressing the men in gray suits, a coral boutonniere will liven them up. You could even play up the theme with coral centerpieces. Just don't let your guests bring their scuba gear.

Coral also gives you an opportunity to make your color part of the entire wedding theme. Love the ocean? Opt for coral, and not only can you make a beautiful statement with color, but you can incorporate a cause as well. Instead of wedding favors, make a donation to a coral reef conservancy.