Be Sensitive to Your Guests
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No presents are necessary when your guests are crossing a continent and an ocean to celebrate with you.


Family members and friends who make the trek to your destination wedding are forking over an average of $750 to $1,100 per person to attend, according to the experts at Destination Weddings.com.

Modern etiquette absolves the bride and groom from paying for the trip, but there are a few conveniences that the happy couple can certainly handle in advance. First, be sure to provide detailed instructions on transportation from the airport to the wedding site since many resorts are a significant distance away. If possible, arrange for guests arriving at similar times to split the cab or rental car fare. Also, provide several options for accommodations of varying price levels so that people on different budgets have options to consider. If your budget allows, consider hosting an extra event, such as a welcome party with dinner on the beach or group excursion to see the local sights as a thank you to the guests who went out of their way to attend.

Above all, bear in mind that many couples having destination weddings forego creating gift registries to show guests that their presence is a gift in itself -- they're already paying plenty just to attend!