Follow the Law
marriage certificate with wedding rings on it

You can't make it legal without fulfilling all the necessary requirements!


If you think deciphering the laws at home is tough, just wait until you're faced with a whole set of new ones, possibly in an unfamiliar language. Every country has its requirements for legal marriage, including witnesses, marriage license applications, blood tests, proof of immunization and residency requirements. Before embarking on your voyage, be 100 percent sure that both of you possess all of the necessary documentation, lest your marriage vows turn into simple declarations of love.

Luckily, most destination wedding locales want your business, so they're often more than willing to guide a frazzled bride-to-be through the finer details. Be sure to research local marriage requirements thoroughly before settling on a location. Above all else, don't forget to apply for or renew your passport well in advance of your wedding.