Consider a Cruise
cruise ship set up for a wedding

With a wedding cruise, you can exchange vows and sail into the sunset.


More and more couples who want to share the ceremony and after-party with their guests are turning to cruise lines for affordable and seriously fun getaways. Especially great for second marriages or vow renewal celebrations, cruise weddings have skyrocketed a whopping 60 percent over the last 10 years, according to The New York Times. This upswing in cruise bookings is largely thanks to couples looking for a more economical and family-friendly alternative to traditional weddings.

Be sure to do your homework when selecting a cruise line. Some cruise lines don't provide an officiant to preside over the ceremony, and others require that the nuptials take place at port before departure. And in the case of Catholic ceremonies, although a priest can bless the union on board, it can't be fully recognized by the church if performed on a cruise ship.