Use a Consultant
couple kissing on the beach at sunset

For a picture-perfect wedding, you'll need a planner to help take care of details.


A qualified, reputable destination wedding consultant can take care of many of the small but significant details we've already mentioned. They simply have the resources and experience to get the job done faster, easier and with more assurance than the average bride. In addition to helping a couple pinpoint those pesky marriage requirements, a professional planner often knows the local legalities for ceremony and reception planning, such as the process for obtaining event permits. They also tend to have existing contacts with well-respected vendors and can give a bride an idea of what to expect as the big day draws near. Brides need not be too concerned about the budgetary dent the cost of an independent consultant would make. Many popular resorts and destinations employ staff consultants and fold the cost of their services into the package wedding deal. These staffers easily relieve a lot of headaches with their know-how, allowing the bride and groom the opportunity to truly enjoy the most important day of their lives.