Ways to Wear Stripes
Woman wearing striped shirt.

Stripes are everywhere this spring, so learn how to wear them right.

Tony Anderson/Getty Images

Take a look at any fashion magazine, style blog, or TV show, and what do you see? Stripes in every color and a variety of widths. Horizontal, vertical, even diagonal and chevron stripes are making a splash, and with good reason: Stripes are fun and flattering on practically any item in your wardrobe, from dresses and tops to shoes and skirts.

If you've shunned horizontal stripes in the past for fear of looking wider, it turns out that science may actually weigh in favor of a linear look. A perception expert at the University of York in the U.K. found that when two women of the same size wore horizontally and vertically striped dresses, the woman wearing the horizontal stripes appeared thinner. These experiments were based on the Helmholtz square illusion, first created in the eighteenth century, and suggest that horizontal stripes may help slim the figure by creating a 3D effect and introducing depth [source: The Telegraph].

So, go ahead and add a little punch to your wardrobe this spring. Read on and discover five fun and flattering ways to wear stripes.