Ways to Express Your Inner Grunge

Kurt Cobain's look fronting the band Nirvana epitomized the first wave of grunge style.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc./Getty Images

If combat boots, plaid and eau d' thrift store make you smile, you likely have a little grunge in you -- that movement that began with a Seattle music scene and spread to far off lands in the hands of bands like the Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

Not that a stranger would know it, to look at you. The grunge mode of dress is not an easy style to maintain given its defining disinterest in all things remotely style-related. Still, grunge does stick around. It's even experienced renewed interest in the style blogs and campus fashions of those for whom "Come as You Are" is an oldie-but-goodie.

For those who wore it the first time, though, the opening bars can make us wistful for that favorite, stained plaid flannel, and all it signified.

Indulging your inner grunge doesn't have to mean going back to shapeless flannels and floral dresses, torn T-shirts and holey jeans, plus big ole combat boots. You can tweak those classically grungy elements into the look you love today.

Here, five options for indulging your inner grunge without looking so, well, grungy. And as Marc Jacobs showed us in his 1993 spring/summer line for Perry Ellis, which sort of got him fired, hybrid-grunge can look positively runway-ready. Not that you're into such things.

To begin, if those gaping holes have lost their rebel appeal ...