Tips on Creating a Bohemian Style

Pulling off a bohemian look is as much about attitude as it is about style.

Digital Vision/Getty Images

Sometimes you need a fashion shake-up to breathe new life into your personal style. If you're interested in embracing a look that's synonymous with creativity and a laid-back attitude, consider picking up a few bohemian pieces on your next shopping excursion!

The term "bohemian" first emerged to describe a way of life, rather than a particular look. Beginning around the 1500's, the Czech province of Bohemia was the center of much political, cultural and religious discord, which lasted for centuries. Full to bursting with outspoken artists, musicians and others with less traditional views and lifestyles, residents of the area and their overall style and mentality became known as "bohemians." The tag has managed to stick in modern times, although some use the abbreviation "boho." Fortunately for fans of casual, creative apparel, boho style is no longer limited to people with unconventional politics or world views. Keep reading to learn more about how you can sport this fun, friendly look.