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5 Swimsuits for the Everyday Man

Square Cut or Square Leg Trunks
This suit will certainly leave a better tan line.
This suit will certainly leave a better tan line.

If you're idea of a good swimsuit is one that makes swimming more efficient, square cut or square leg swim shorts are for you. They fit snugly to reduce drag in the water and look pretty darned good doing it. Unlike a speedo (a teeny, tiny swimsuit), square cut trunks offer support through the hips and thigh area with Lycra, Spandex or polyester fabric. If you like the idea of looking attractive walking away, they make good glutes look spectacular, too. Square cut swim trunks are available in a variety of lengths, with the most common resembling bike shorts. If you're bashful about displaying your assets, though, you may want to wear these for private swim parties only.

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