Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston walking down street

Jennifer Aniston's style is effortlessly cool and comfortable -- and is totally doable by the rest of us.

James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

Sure, there's the hair. Like '70s style icon Farrah Fawcett, Jennifer Aniston's trademark locks defined a generation. And while it's admittedly easy to let talk of Aniston's timeless 'do overshadow what she wears, that would be a shame. Anniston's approach to her wardrobe is one we'd all do well to emulate: uncluttered, casual and feminine.

We especially like her girl-about-town style, which is typically well-fitted jeans and T-shirt topped with a tailored jacket or perfectly draped scarf. It's timeless -- and within all our budgets (can I get an "amen!"). Just start with a straight-leg jean, a basic form-fitting blouse or tee and one (we repeat, one) accessory. And don't forget to rock the high heels. Meow.