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Everyone knows a lip balm addict—that person who can't leave the house without one in her pocket and one in her bag, and who keeps a few others scattered strategically throughout the living room, office, and bedroom. I admit: that addict is me—and it's even worse as the weather gets colder and the wind does its own damage.

But many lip balms use petroleum as their moisturizing base, which is a poor solution for two reasons: the lips won't absorb it, so it's just a short-term fix (and one that, in the long run, can make your lips more chapped); and petroleum-based anything, as our How to Go Green: Women's Personal Care guide showed, means the use of more fossil fuels. Check the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database for your favorite brand and details on other ingredients you should avoid.

This winter, keep your lips soft and soothed with organic and all-natural lip balms—especially those with a beeswax base, like Eco-Lips, Chicken Poop, Badger, or Kiss My Face Shimmers. Even better: make your own lip moisturizer with bittersweet chocolate and orange (or another extract you prefer)—because the days of mistletoe will be here in no time.