Makeup Tips for Professional Women

What makeup tips make life easier as a professional woman?


The climb up the corporate ladder can be tricky for anyone; for women, it can be downright confusing. As women's roles in the workplace have changed, so have expectations regarding how they should look at the office, and the rules are often unspoken.

Certainly men are not immune to being judged on their looks, but whether on the board or on the sales floor, today's women face a type of scrutiny seldom experienced by their male colleagues -- the kind that judges their eyelids.

Fair? No. Unavoidable truth in our appearance-driven world? Probably. And in the spirit of joining them, women everywhere are (or should be) putting more thought into the type of makeup they wear during the work week. Should it be bold? Sexy? Natural? Nonexistent?

Quick hint: The answer is not "sexy." Other than that, though, what should be on your eyelids in the office?

Well, to start with some full-on facts, you may be surprised to learn that science has something to say about it.