Stick to a Single Color Family

Using similar hues when applying your makeup will give you a natural, beautiful look.

Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Workbook Stock/Getty Images

Does trying to coordinate your makeup every morning leave you feeling overwhelmed? Keep things simple by choosing all of your makeup from the same color family. Of course, that doesn't mean using the exact same shade on lips, eyes and cheeks. Instead, choose variations of the same shade to highlight different features.

Play up blue eyes with a rich copper eye shadow, then add peach blush and orange-red lips. Brown-eyed girls can start with violet eye shadow, brush purple-pink blush onto the cheeks, then choose a sheer lip gloss with just a hint of plum or purple to finish off the look. Make green eyes pop with garnet eye shadow, then add rosy blush and a neutral red-brown lipstick. If you're not used to wearing much makeup and want to take things slow, you can't go wrong choosing neutral shades in the pink and brown color families.