Face Makeup

Face makeup can enhance your features if applied properly. Get tips and information on face makeup.

Concealers are a Girl's Best Friend

Not even one human is completely and totally perfect by society's standards, which is why we all need concealer at one point or another.

What is high-definition makeup?

You probably have plenty of regular makeup, but is high-definition makeup something you should consider sporting, instead?

A Cruelty-free Alternative: Vegan Makeup Brushes

If you don't believe in makeup testing on animals, you might be surprised to find out what your makeup brushes are made from. Luckily, there's an alternative to supporting cruelty toward animals.

Why do lip plumpers sting?

If you want a prettier pout, a product called "lip plumper" sounds like a no-brainer, right? It would – but how does it give you that bee-stung look?

Contour Tips for an Oval Face

While an oval face shape may generally be considered the most balanced, almost everyone would like to play up their best features or downplay minor flaws. Learn how to make friends with highlighter and bronzer, and sculpt your best look yet.

Miss Matchy: Is wearing matching shades OK?

Of course your makeup colors shouldn't clash with your nails or your outfit, but should they all be the same shade?

Contour Tips for a Heart-shaped Face

If you weren't born with the so-called "ideal" oval facial structure, take heart! These simple contouring tricks add balance and structure to a heart-shaped face to help you look and feel your best.

DIY: Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Don't settle for tinted moisturizer in the same basic shades; mix up your own batch at home to create a customized color that's just right for your face.

Tools You'll Want to Bring to the Salon

If you enjoy the occasional mani/pedi, but shy away from the possibility of unsterilized tools, it might be time to start toting your own to the nail salon.

Get it Here: Shopper's Guide to Buying the Right Product at the Right Place

Finding the best makeup at the best price means watching out for sales, checking for online deals, and stocking up when you see those prices drop. But it also depends on the item.