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Body Makeup

Body makeup can help you get a fake suntan glow or cover up skin flaws. Learn about different types of body makeup.

Camouflaging Stretch Marks with Makeup

Stretch marks are a grim fact for someone who's gained too much weight in a short amount of time. But you don't have to put up with them. Use a little makeup to cover them up!

Tattoo Concealer: Now You See It; Now You Don't

Tattoo concealers can help you get rid of your tats (temporarily, at least). See how tattoo concealers work. See more »

How does a fish pedicure work?

How does a fish pedicure work? Find out how you can benefit from a fish pedicure and how it can help your skin. See more »

5 Secrets to Covering Scars With Makeup

Covering scars with makeup can help make them disappear. See five secrets to covering scars with makeup to learn the tricks of the trade. See more »

Camouflaging Stretch Marks with Makeup

Camouflaging stretch marks with makeup is a quick option for hiding these skin imperfections. Learn how to camouflage stretch marks with makeup. See more »

How to Hide Body Blemishes at the Beach

Body blemishes like scars, stretch marks and cellulite aren't fun to have during swimsuit season. Learn how to hide body blemishes at the beach. See more »

5 Steps to Applying Leg Makeup

Applying leg makeup can do wonders for your skin's appearance. See these five steps to applying leg makeup for tips and ideas. See more »

Enhancing Your Cleavage With Makeup

You can enhance your cleavage with makeup for a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery. Learn how to enhance your cleavage with makeup at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Best Ways to Fake a Tan

Fake tans that are dreadfully obvious are never a good look. Put your tanning stress to rest with these simple tanning tips. See more »