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We all get sick of our own reflections from time to time.  I mean, I sure do.  If you don't ever wake up wondering what you'd look like with a different color hair, skin, or eyes (or with any other kind of physical alteration made), then bless your heart.  But many of us are a bit more curious than that.  Or...ungrateful/dissatisfied/insecure. As fashion takes a turn for the more natural, stars are shamelessly retreating back to their natural hair colors more and more these days.  And even though I'm a fan of ever-changing looks, I can't say I don't stand behind this.

Over the last few years, I have had to ween myself off of hair dye.  It's been an exasperating journey filled with reminiscing over an unnatural hair color of the past, but it's been a fulfilling and rewarding journey.  As I have slowly been inching my way back to my natural hair color, I have noticed that I, in general, look more natural.  (Surprise, surprise?)  And, conclusively, I am discovering that 'natural' is a good thing.

Even more important, though, are the chemicals, packaging, and overall product I am saving through removing the element of hair dye from my life.  And so I have to encourage you to do the same.   No matter how curious you get about looking differently than you do, or how familiar you already are with the color you've been dying your hair for years, consider slowing down or stopping your hair dying rituals entirely.  You'll save money, save time, save resources and gain a new respect for your natural self.

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