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Hairstyles are an important part of looking fashionable. Learn about different hairstyles and get hairstyle tips.

What if I never cut my hair?

If you never cut your hair, would you end up looking like Cousin It from the Adams Family? It's possible, but unlikely. So what would happen if you never visited the barber or beauty shop again?

Barbers Across the Globe Are Using Fire to Style Hair

From Pakistan to Palestine and from Ipanema to Illinois, what's up with barbers applying open flames to their clients' coiffures? See more »

The Creator of the Beehive Hairdo Has Died

Margaret Vinci Heldt, who inspired Amy Winehouse, Marge Simpson, the B-52's, the Ronettes and more, was 98. See more »

The 15 Most Astounding Images from the 2015 World Beard & Moustache Competition

Waxed up and ready to go? Austria hosted this year's global beard competition, and beardsmen showed up in droves with follicle feats of architecture and style. See more »

New 3-D Technology Prints Hair For Troll Dolls, Paint Brushes

Ground-breaking research lets a 3-D printer create soft objects, like plastic strands. See more »

'Man Bun' Alert! Hair Club for Men Could Be Next

Your 'man bun' may be cool now, but what could it do to your hairline long-term? See more »

Goodbye Beard, Hello Beardstache: Who Spots the End of Trends?

Cupcakes. LOL. All dead. Trends flatline all the time. The trick lies in when and why you call them done. See more »

5 Hairstyles for Prom

Yes, you have the right dress, but how are you going to wear your hair? Remember, you need something that'll look great both in the limo and on the dance floor. See more »

10 Hairstyles That Make You Look Thinner

It's a legitimate request: "Make me look thinner." How can your hair stylist turn your face from round to long and slender, just like all the movie stars? See more »

10 Accessories for Short Hair

If you have short hair, you might think you need to bid adieu to hair accessories. After all, you can't sweep your hair up into kicky ponytails anymore. But don't fret -- there are plenty of ways to have fun with short hair. See more »

10 Things Your Hair Stylist Doesn't Want You to Know

You may love your hair stylist. He makes you look like a star and gives you the best scalp massage in town. But he's also getting paid. What are 10 things your stylist could be keeping close to the chest? See more »