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When you can no longer wear a bra any more, you don't always immediately think of what else you could do with that bra, do you? I know I don't. In fact, normally I'm kind of irritated about the fact that I can't use it any longer and the last thing on my mind is how to reuse. However, there are actually some great ways to reuse bras so before you throw yours out, think about these uses:

1. Pot Pourri Pouch: These little pouches on your bra, when sewn together, make for a great scented item. Stuff them with pot pourri and place them around your home. People will never even know where the fabric came from!

2. Dust Mask: Just wash the bra, cut off one of the pouches, cut holes on each side and string a rubber band through. This is great for high-dust jobs like sanding and yard work.

3. Add to Shirt: Sew the bra into a matching tank. This always makes for a really comfortable top!

4. Use the fabric: The options are endless with the cute fabric that is usually on bras. Use your imagination!

And, at the end of the day, if you find that you can't reuse your bra, then donate it to a local thrift store.