Diana Healey/Getty Images


It's time to prove you're green right down to your britches (to use the parlance of the 1940's). The good news is, it'll be oh-so-comfy to do it—and oh so affordable. There's been a recent surge of organic underwear activity in the marketplace. Undies made from organic cotton are soft, green, and incredibly comfortable (sort of like bamboo underwear).

Try Peau Ethique organic underwear for ladies—it's sexy and eco-friendly—a formidable combo, if you ask me. Or for a walk on the environmentally conscious wild side, look into BuenoStyle Organic underwear. They feature naughty messages in naughty places, I hear.

But what's a green dude to do, you ask? All these organic underwear companies seem to cater only to the eco-women. Not so fast. Toasty Boys by Christopher Anthony is a line of boxers and boxer briefs made out of 100 percent organic cotton, so men everywhere can hang green.

What to do when you're through with your old organic undies? Well, if you're looking to make a green political statement, you could always do as Swedish tennis stars do and send them to world leaders waging unnecessary war in order to fight for world peace with dirty underwear. If that's a bit too radical, you can cut boxers up to be used as rags, or drop them off at a Salvation Army (yes, people do need them).

That's for later—in the meantime, enjoy the eco-sensitivity and comfort of organic underwear.

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