The Best of Fall Fashions


Trends I Love

Flip-flops and bikinis be gone! The temperature is cooling down, but your clothes can still look hot! We caught up with What Not To Wear's Clinton Kelly for a preview of this Fall's fashion trends.

Go Deep With Color

Overall, the look for Fall 2006 is a little more somber than it has been in recent years. Black and gray are the predominant shades you'll be seeing in a lot of evening and office wear. But keep in mind that color never really goes out of style - it just might be a little more difficult to find in your favorite mall. With that said, the color palette for fall and winter is always a bit deeper and richer than it is in spring and summer. While you may have worn a bright Kelly green this spring, you're better off in a deep emerald or forest green for fall. If yellow gave you a glow in warmer months, perhaps gold will do similar things for your spirit in September.

Be the Lady In Red

Red accessories - they're everywhere! This is exciting news because nothing spices up an otherwise humdrum outfit like a red shoe, belt or bag. No woman's wardrobe is complete without at least one great pair of red shoes. So now that they're as ubiquitous as espresso drinks, you have no excuse for not getting some.

Gotta Love Leggings!

Yeah, they're back, and quite frankly, they're not for every woman. Anything that clings to the lower half of the body will emphasize curves. So, if your lower half is curvier than you'd like, you might want to proceed with caution. Instead of wearing leggings under a long bulky sweater, try pairing them with a pretty, full skirt (also a trend) and ankle boots (yet another trend). If this still scares you, stick with opaque tights; they're just as stylish.

Elongate With Long Gold Chains

These are fun because they give the illusion of elongating the body. Paired with something so simple as a white button-front shirt or blouse, they look elegant and modern.

Get Juiced For Jeans

Skinny jeans are difficult to pull off (figuratively and literally), but they're really sexy. They tend to create curves on a body that might be a bit boyish. Not for you? Straight legs never really go out of style and trouser jeans keep getting more and more popular.

The Mystique of Capes and Capelets.

Fun, feminine, and sophisticated, they're the best of both worlds - as warm as a jacket but less constricting.

Be All That In Ballet Flats

The days of defending ugly, chunky shoes are over. Ballet flats are comfortable and come in every style and color imaginable this season. You can wear some of them for evening too (but I gotta be honest - I still think a heel is hot at night.)

Caution With the Jumpers

Tricky, tricky, tricky. They're best worn with a long-sleeve turtleneck underneath and opaque tights if you don't want to look like a 7th grader on her way to boarding school.