Hottest Celebrity Fashion Trends
Celebrates always look glamorous, and you will too if you wear the right styles.

Celebrates always look glamorous, and you can too if you wear the right styles.

Paper Boat Creative/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Do celebrities create trends or just follow them? Like so many of us, celebs are often slaves to fashion, except they can actually afford to buy the hottest, most expensive trends. Stars crowd the front row at Fashion Week and grace the pages of tabloids and magazines in the newest looks. And while we're pretty sure most celebs have personal stylists helping them get dressed in the morning, it doesn't matter. When our favorite actor or actress is wearing something that appeals to us, we run, not walk, to find a similar (i.e., often more affordable) look for our own wardrobe.

This article will discuss who is currently wearing the hottest trends, from which colors are heating up the runway to the prints you'll see everywhere this year. We can't guarantee you'll look as good as these perfectly chiseled men and women, but it'll be close. And to be fair, you're not surrounded by people whose only job is to make sure you always look like a star.

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