Top 10 TV Style Trendsetters
Lucille Ball

Imagine the colorful hairdos we might have seen if Lucy had been broadcast in color!

FPG/Staff/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Had "I Love Lucy" been in color, flaming-red dye jobs would, in all likelihood, have spread across the '50s world like a salon-generated wildfire.

Trendsetting through television shows was, perhaps, inevitable. From TV's earliest days, the crossover potential became clear: All those regular viewers, so many of them young and, in their hopes and dreams, hip, trendy and popular. Fashion and television were a natural match.

Sometimes it's intentional, with fashion-plate-ism written into the role; other times the sparking of a trend is an unlikely result of an eccentric character proving exceptionally popular.

Either way, the stylists and costume designers working behind the scenes in TV have an ability to guide fashion trends that few others possess.

Here, 10 of the fictional characters who've made history with their styles. First up is one of the unlikely ones -- surely no one thought this character's bizarre getup would catch on …