actress christina hendricks

The Botticelli-esque Christina Hendricks, who is 35, looks lovely with a loose updo, modest eye makeup and matte red lipstick.

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Hair and Makeup in Your 30s

As much as we might not want to face it, some unfortunate events begin to occur in our 30s, sometimes even earlier. The process of aging includes a steady slope toward dry, wrinkled and sagging skin. What's more, your complexion might not be as even as it once was. Luckily, there are methods of slowing the process, such as being fastidious about moisturizing and keeping sun exposure to a minimum. And if you smoke -- stop immediately; according to the Mayo Clinic, aside from UV radiation, nothing accelerates the aging process faster than smoking cigarettes.

You'll want to adapt your makeup regimen to compliment your changing skin. For example, don't over-powder your skin as you may have done during your oilier 20-something years. Powder settles in the creases of your skin, emphasizing crow's feet and laugh lines. It's also best to avoid frosted products and heavy shimmer, they'll just highlight any imperfections you may have.

As for hair, if you're getting a few grays and don't like the look of them, it's nothing a quick trip to the salon can't fix. Just be sure to stay on top of those salon appointments -- exposed roots can age you faster than an ill-fitting, high-waisted pair of "mom jeans."

Women in their teens and 20s sometimes shy away from wearing their hair up in favor of long flowing locks. This look is still perfectly acceptable in your 30s and beyond, provided your hair is healthy. But there is no reason to fear the updo. Try an asymmetrical chignon or a French twist. Just be sure to pair it with wispy strays and/or side-swept bangs. These looks are elegant and sexy, and the tousled touches offer a youthful twist.

Now that you know how to look great from head-to-toe, it's time to review some important dos and don'ts when it comes to 30-something style.